Charities in Need of Computers

Of course we are happy to offer the computers we have on general sale at a ten percent discount for charitable use.

 If you have little or maybe even no budget? We would still like to help.

Perhaps you may not have monetary budget but are sufficiently resourced or connected to make enquiries with larger commercial enterprises which may be able to help.  Quite likely you may be able to find a commercial company sympathetic to your needs.

If you are fortunate enough to make contact with such a company ready and willing to donate IT equipment to yourselves then we can immediately be of service.

What we can offer is our commercial refurbishment collection service to handle this donation of IT equipment. We are already equipped with processes in place to handle the inventory (and more if need be) such that this commercial donor can be assured of proper handling and data destruction. We will collect from them and process all the equipment so that they are assured their data is destroyed properly and the equipment tested for electrical safety and configured for proper operation. At this point your consignment of computers will be delivered and the company informed.

Companies and Social Responsibilities

Comm-tech work with corporate customers to redistribute their old PC's to deserving causes. Companies face legislative issues to do with Environment Agency Regulation and Data Protection when they donate PC's so we provide the following services:

  • Certified data destruction on donated equipment to satisfy their data protection obligations
  • Refurbishment of re-usable machines and preparation thereof for the particular needs of their chosen beneficiary
  • Ongoing assistance to the charity concerned to help ensure their IT project is sustainable and that the donated equipment remains in working order
  • Liaison with marketing departments assisting them to make the most of their donation
  • Collection and recycling of other redundant electronic equipment
  • We are not funded and so must charge enough for our work to cover our costs, but most companies find working with us pays off in terms of CSR obligations and the increased efficiency of the undertaking.

    Occasionally we manage to achieve synergies with other organisations,an example is illustrated here and may be relevant for you to consider in light similarly aligned charities. Perhaps their model is useful, perhaps Suitcase Media can even work with you?

    Should you find an appropriate donor, or access your own funding for this (we also sell and support refurbished machines) we would be happy to work with you.

    Every situation is different and we will not always be able to manage the entire process at zero charge, but we will do our very best to keep costs to a minimum and it is quite likely this could be the lowest cost option.