Engineer/ Call Out Charges

The following charges apply to have our engineers visit your premises and carry out networking and installation services, systems and database consultancy. Please note all prices do not include VAT

Work done remotely or carried out at the Comm-Tech workshop is costed as follows:

IT Support

Rates for base level monthly support are negotiated dependent on the size and needs of the organisation, with a significant discount available to charities.

Our support fees have two components, the first is our membership fee which pays for support services, and the second depends on what equipment you use and how many users you have. We do need to conduct a meeting and discuss your requirements before giving an accurate quote, but a rough guideline follows:

Ad-hoc IT support and consultancy arrangements are also available, a 5-hour package costs £360 and is valid for 12 months from issue.

Read more about our Support services here.

Wireless Networks

Back Ups

Computer Recycling Charges

Minimum collection charge £50 +VAT.(includes up to 10 standard items)

IT Recycling Charges for Organisations

Our collection and recycling charges include certification, data wiping hard disks and our best efforts to reuse before recycling. It includes the statutory fee for a Hazardous Waste Transfer Note for collections which include Televisions, CRT Monitors or other equipment classed as 'Hazardous Waste', as £16.

A £5.25 charge applies per 'standard item' of working and non-working equipment listed below.

Standard Items include:

Other items

Items which cost us more to process are charged as follows:

Data Destruction Charges

Basic Data Destruction is included in the standard collection/recycling costs above.

Higher spec services or those requiring special certification are priced from £12.50 per device.

IT Equipment

for Second-user computers please see our Sales Page

We have a selection of parts and peripherals such as sound-cards, PCI Graphics, connectors, SCSI bits, server spares, heatsinks, fans. Contact us for a quote.