Make sure you have installed AcidRip before proceeding.
  1. Load DVD you wish to rip from.
  2. Run AcidRip from: Applications > Sound & Video > AcidRip DVD Ripper
  3. Go to the desktop, right click the DVD icon and select "Browse Folder."
  4. In the window that pops up click the pencil icon next to the folder location to toggle to a text-based location bar.
  5. Select and copy the DVD drive's location.
  6. Switch back to AcidRip and paste the drive's location in the source path.
  7. Click load next to the source path to load the contents of the DVD.
  8. Select the chapter you wish to rip. Here I selected the second chapter.
    If you want to rip the entire DVD, choose the parent title that has the most children. In this case "2: 0:09:56."
  9. You can view the contents of the selected chapter under the Preview tab by pressing the button labled "Preview."
  10. Set the location and name of the output video.
  11. Choose the format of the output video.
  12. Change to the video tab and select the bitrate of the output video. You do not need to change this, but it allows you to control the quality of the video and file size. The higher the bitrate the higher the quality and file size. The lower the bitrate the lower the quality and file size.
  13. Choose the dimensions you want for the output video.
  14. When you are satisfied with your settings press the Start button and AcidRip will begin ripping and encoding.
  15. When the process is complete AcidRip will return to its normal window. This will be a hit or miss as to the quality and size until you find the best settings for your purposes.
  16. If you are unhappy with the result, you must delete the output file before attempting to re-rip or AcidRip will refuse to continue.
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