For your own safety, you should create a User Profile for yourself.
ONLY log on and use this current 'Administrator' profile when you are updating or installing software. Here is how to do it:

Click Start, select Settings, click Control Panel, double-click Users and Passwords, click Add, enter your chosen user name and optionally fill in the other details if you like. Then click Next and enter a password, repeat the password in the Confirm Password box, click Next, keep it as a Standard User, and click Finish.
The next time you start your machine, enter your chosen Username and Password to use your personal User Profile.

This is to protect your PC when you are on the internet and to help keep all your Files, Settings and Preferences private and seperate from everyone else's. Please also change the Administrator password from changeme, which it is now to something else and make a note of it. This can be done in Users and Passwords, selecting Administrator then pressing ctrl-alt-delete together and then selecting change password, to get back to the desktop click cancel.

Comm-Tech supports the use of Open Source software for ethical and financial reasons.
We have installed a limited range of software to enable you to carry out common tasks on your refurbished computer.

What's installed

We hope you will enjoy your computer and the free Open Source software we have installed for you. Don't forget to like our facebook page for help, news and special offers...