Power-cycling your modem/router

Why do I need to power-cycle my modem/router?

Power-cycling a device essentially means switching it off, waiting a couple of minutes, and then switching it on back again in the hopes that it will start working. There are many reasons that electronic devices need to be restarted in order to work properly- short-circuits, overheating, memory-leaks, etc. In any case, power-cycling the modem/router will allow it to start over and re-establish a connection to the internet hopefully without re-encountering the problem that was stopping the connection from working in the first place.

Power-cycling (switching off and then on again) the modem/router is probably the most common way of repairing a lost internet connection, and learning to do this in-house will save both your organisation and ours plenty of time when dealing with network problems.

Locate your modem/router

Often, the hard-part of power-cycling your modem/router is actually locating it. If no one has shown you what your modem/router looks like, then when the IT support desk tells you to turn it off and on again, it becomes a very difficult task.

How do I power-cycle my modem/router?