Open Source Software

Open source software (OSS) refers to ethical software alternatives which are not owned by one individual or organisation, but are available to everyone. It is often licenced under the GNU. OSS is conditionally free to distribute and use on your machine and it is possible to access the programming behind the software. For more detail about the licensing of OSS, see

Microsoft and other large software companies have an interest in controlling technology so that consumers need to pay for it. Consumers with mainstream software are therefore pushed into expensive software and hardware upgrade paths in order to use mainstream technology.

In contrast, the developers of open source software are highly skilled enthusiasts who wish to give people access to technological choice. As well as Open Source operating systems like Linux, there are open source office packages, multimedia packages, web browsers and more that can run on your choice of operating systems, Windows, Linux, Mac or Other.

We run on Ubuntu Linux, Mandriva and of course our home-grown Brixton Linux Action Group.

We are also a member of Ubuntu support organisations.

Comm-tech has a long term commitment to Linux, find more info on our Linux page here.

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